If you are a foreign corporation looking to set up operations in Japan,

you want to give your undivided attention to your core business in Japan!!

— We propose you leave your back office operations to the competent care of KODA & Company —

Businesses looking for growth and foreign corporations planning to set up operations in Japan must engage in a raft of activities to achieve market penetration and business success for their products and services. Focusing business initiatives on these goals requires effective strategies.
By providing a one-stop program of wide-ranging services covering the range from market entry to back-office operations, KODA & Company supplies an environment that enables to concentrate on business development. Based on a track record of corporate support rendered to a diversity of businesses, KODA & Company offers differentiated consulting and services and helps foreign businesses to find success in Japan — Services that lead to lasting partnerships between KODA & Company and corporate clients.

KODA & Company helps with incorporation consistent with Japanese laws, regulations, and business practices, regulatory filings associated with incorporation, and, along with day-to-day business operations, tasks related to accounting, payroll services, and capital management, as well as social insurance and tax matters.

KODA & Company helps with the preparation of books and financial reporting consistent with Japanese laws, regulations, and business practices across the full width of accounting operations.


KODA & Company helps with cash management spanning the range from corporate bank account opening to financial planning and control of payments and receipts.

KODA & Company helps with services and supports for payroll services and payment operations, year-end adjustments, and social security matters.

KODA & Company helps with services for tax planning, tax computation and preparation of tax documentation for corporation income tax, VAT, and enterprise tax.

Why Koda

To date, KODA & Company has rendered highly reliable support to over 110 foreign and Japanese corporations at very reasonable fees. Drawing on the first-hand management experience, knowledge, and expertise of KODA & Company' s representative gained in Japan and abroad including at the consulting operations of Arthur Andersen LLP as well as industrial firms and telecommunications carriers, among them Toray (Hong Kong) and Softbank Corporation, KODA & Company has been able to provide its corporate clients with a one-stop service to success.