Why Koda

KODA & Company provides corporate clients with reliable high-quality services at very reasonable fees.

Corporate support based on smooth head office communication, an extensive track record, and a wealth of experience

Among the many accounting and tax firms with service programs similar to ours, why choose KODA & Company? Not only because we provide smooth English communication with your head office but because through our business consulting operations and hands-on experience in corporate management we are able to offer services that have convinced the over 110 corporate clients KODA & Company has been serving to date.

  • Smooth communication
  • In day-to-day business operations, KODA & Company is working to achieve smooth communication in Japanese and English to support the success of our corporate clients. Moreover, any questions about differences between corporates' home countries and Japan are thoroughly explained in English and issues that clients may have are step by step brought to a thorough solution.

  • High reliability
  • KODA & Company has for 18 years been a provider of professional services to over 110 corporations in the U.S., Europe, and Asia.

  • One-stop service
  • KODA & Company provides a one-stop service covering the width from the initial plan to locate in Japan to incorporation and accounting, tax, and payroll computation after incorporation. All service offerings are provided as an integrated program, helping corporate clients reduce start-up time and the initial work load and help creating an environment that allows corporate clients to focus completely on their core operations.

  • Reasonable fees
  • Compared with using internal resources and contracting with global service firms, KODA & Company accomplishes all of the necessary tasks at very reasonable fees, enabling additional expense reductions available for investment in clients' business growth.