Payroll Service

KODA & Company maintains smooth communication with head office in the home country and provides service consistent with corporate payroll computation and personnel policies. Service offerings include the preparation of monthly payroll computation and monthly pay statements for employees as well as fiscal year-end adjustments and tasks related to social security and labor insurance.

    Service commencement
  • Coordination with head office regarding personnel systems and employment conditions
  • Provision of information to head office about Japan's employment practices and social security regulations

    Continuing operations
  • Acquisition and verification of employee pay data
  • Computation of monthly pay and preparation of pay slips
  • Disbursement of employees' pay and payment of withholding tax and resident tax
  • Year-end adjustment

    Social security services (provided in cooperation with partner firms of KODA & Company)
  • Procedures for entering and exiting social security insurance systems and notice of change of resident tax, etc. when employees are hired or depart
  • Submission of annual social security computation base data

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