KODA & Company provides support to foreign corporations seeking to set up business in Japan efficiently and without pitfalls. Assistance covers the width from business plan development to actual incorporation in Japan with its different laws, regulations, and business practices. Moreover, KODA & Company provides a wide range of support functions including the preparation of accounts for day-to-day operations after incorporation, monthly financial reporting to head office, payroll services, and tax declarations at the fiscal year-end.

    Incorporation support
  • Incorporation
    • Incorporation of Japan Subsidiary Company
    • Branching & secondary business office
  • Filings related to incorporation
    • Tax related filings
    • Social security related filings

    Support of day-to-day operations after incorporation
  • Accounting Service
  • Cash Management
  • Payroll Calculation
  • Annual Tax Return Preparation

Professional Services
Japan Entry Support
Accounting Service
Cash Management
Payroll Service
Tax Service